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Direct mailing expert advises using 'coin-trick'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A direct mail expert has advised a return to old-fashioned methods of marketing rather than the current styles being used.

The little postcards, fliers and invoice mailers that have become popular during the economic downturn all look alike and do not catch the eye of the reader, according to Dean Rieck, in an article for DM News.

He added: "One of my favorite old-fashioned direct mail package techniques was the "coin trick." You attach a penny or nickel to an insert and use a window envelope to let recipients see the coin inside. It's irresistible. Very few people can bring themselves to throw away a real coin.

"If for no other reason, you have to open the envelope to retrieve the nickel. Once you're inside, you see personalized holiday address and gift labels, front and back on a single sheet. It feels weighty, thus valuable."

The US's emergence from the recession at the end of 2009 prompted many direct mailing analysts to comment on how well the medium weathered the economic hardships, despite fears that it would not survive in the face of online competition.