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Direct mailing 'offers many benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Bulk business mailing offers firms many advantages, it has been claimed.

According to, not only does this type of direct mailing provide lower postal rates, it ensures that a company reaches the target audience it is most interested in.

The news provider added that with direct mailing, firms can take advantage of sophisticated demographic management techniques which allow them to customise messages for potential customers.

In addition, the publication recommended making use of mail service providers, as they can take on an entire mail process, from printing pieces to depositing them at the post office, and can consolidate packages for several customers, enabling companies to take advantage of reduced postage rates.

Last week, Materials Handling World Magazine reported that as US mail firms and delivery companies increasingly battle for business in the global recession they are likely to benefit from making use of address verification software, which can help to pinpoint an exact zip code and location.