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Direct mailing 'still relevant for online retailers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online merchants using address standardization software may wish to consider direct mailing as a way to get a complete customer view of marketing.

Many believe that direct mailing is outdated in the age of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but Accurate Leads disagrees, insisting that it is still highly relevant, and may become even more so.

It says that the clearest evidence yet that direct mail works as a marketing tool comes from Google, which has been using direct mail and email blasts to advertise $100 worth of free PPC advertising.

The firm says that Google operates in this way to reach a diverse group of people with different buying behaviors.

Accurate Leads explains: "Internet advertisements constantly overwhelm consumers with offers for free merchandise and services.

"With computer viruses, identity thieves, and incredible amounts of spam it is apparent why at this point in time people are less skeptical of physical mail offers."

Posted by Richard Jones