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Direct marketers look to reduce carbon footprint

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The direct marketing industry is looking at ways that it can reduce its carbon footprint, it has been claimed.

According to Marketing Week, a growing number of industry professionals are considering looking to see how data cleansing can help meet their goals.

"It is claimed that if marketers applied the same targeting rigour to direct mail as transactional mail or online targeting, they would see their hit rates grow and their carbon footprint shrink," the article said.

Indeed, if the marketing industry can cut down on the number of people receiving irrelevant direct mail, it can lower its environmental impact.

The news could inspire a number of marketers to see how address verification tools could help them to reduce waste caused by returned mail.

Elsewhere, US marketers have been warned about the dangers of not regularly checking and verifying customer contact details, DMNews reported.

The news provider highlights the fact that every business database suffers from an "infectious disease" known as list churn.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler