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Direct marketers 'should avoid 5 pitfalls'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
There are five main reasons why direct marketing campaigns turn out not to be successful, it has been claimed.

Writing for National Mortgage Professional Magazine, industry commentator Brian Sacks stated that these errors are mailing just once, choosing the wrong locations, having an off-brief message, not tracking results and neglecting deadlines.

He added: "Don't listen to people who tell you that you should be getting a two per cent response on your direct mail efforts. Here's a better way to judge it. How much did you invest? How much did you earn in commissions? All you really need to care about is your return-on-investment."

Mr Sacks went on to say that sending mail to those living in higher-income zip codes who are closest to the direct marketing firms' office is a move that may bring results.

This week, mailing list broker stated that direct marketing professionals are beginning to find they are not able to do what they have been trained for because of restricted budgets.