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Direct marketing allows businesses to create 'a narrative'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The use of direct marketing can allow businesses to create a narrative, helping potential customers better understand the company and its services, an industry expert said.

Coordinating all the different aspects of a campaign was also stressed by Liz Jackson, managing director and founder of Great Gun Marketing, writing for

She added: "Such a method enables you to create a narrative about your business … each phone call or direct mail piece they receive needs to go some way towards increasing your credibility, building confidence and developing that relationship."

"Each approach [should be] adding another chapter to the story to enable potential clients to gain a clear understanding of how you can help them to improve the way they do business," continued Ms Jackson.

A recent study by found that direct mail marketing survived through the recession, with only five per cent of marketers saying that the downturn had a hugely detrimental effect on the medium.

In addition, 56 per cent of those questioned agreed that direct marketing still held sway among top executives.