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Direct marketing can be informed by Big Data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
From IT departments to board rooms, many businesses are discussing the opportunities presented by Big Data and how it can be applied to marketing, customer service and other aspects of their companies. But whether businesses plan to use Big Data for marketing, sales, organizational or operational purposes, they will need to recognize the role that data quality plays in harnessing the power of information.

A recent study from Informatica found that 70 percent of nearly 600 businesses around the world are considering using Big Data, are planning to, are in the testing phase or have already implemented data-driven projects.

Nearly half (49 percent) of respondents indicated that they would use Big Data to attract and retain more customers, and the technology could also help businesses gain more insight into consumer behavior by managing social media and mobile device data.

"The reality is, Big Data represents both opportunities and challenges," stated Girish Pancha, chief products officer for Informatica. Having reliable information was a top concern for 38 percent of respondents, an issue that could be rectified with the adoption of data quality tools.