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Direct marketing 'could see boost from blending analytic research and CRM'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Combining data analytic processes and research provided customer relationship management (CRM) software could allow firms to improve their direct marketing efforts, an expert asserts.

Ian Robinson, chief intelligence officer at TMW, tells that fusing these databases can produce strong advantages for companies.

While acknowledging the value of consumer databases, he says this only gives a limited view of the market, which the addition of wider research can make even more relevant.

Using the example of an airline, he says that by applying industry reports and studies to an existing CRM system it identified the correct demographics to offer incentives to.

Mr Robinson states: "Metaphorically, we had been given a brand new pair of 3D glasses."

He tells the news provider that this allowed the company to find a new dimension of behaviour and tailor its direct marketing to this.

Bob Cooper, founder and president of Frontier Services Design, recently told Sales and Marketing that the data quality of information used in CRM suites can be improved by a high level of communication with customers.