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Direct marketing helps Connecticut apple growers push their product

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Various forms of direct marketing are helping apple growers in Connecticut to publicise their product and drive sales amid unusual weather conditions.

Sustained rain and hail earlier this year had threatened much of the state's apple harvest, but then a surprising six weeks of good curing weather and crisp nights helped produce a bumper crop that local businesses and authorities alike are keen to promote, reports the Hartford Courant.

Publicity campaigns have spread the word regarding the quantity of fruit on offer, the good sizes and attractive colours, while the Connecticut apple industry is also keen to promote the specific pick-your-own policies that many of the state's orchards have.

Rick Macsuga, the state department of agriculture's marketing representative for apples and new president of the Connecticut Pomological Association, told the paper: "Connecticut may not be among the biggest apple-producing states in the country, but we are probably the leading apple state in terms of direct marketing of our fruit."

In other news, the United Parcel Service is running a trial this week to see whether customers will warm to a new direct mailing system that will involve homeowners having promotional material delivered alongside requested parcels, according to a report from the New York Times.