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Direct marketing producing results for US firms

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Online retailers using ZIP Code validation software still place a lot of faith in direct marketing, new research reveals.

According to data compiled by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 91.6 per cent of experts in the field saw activity in this sector grow or remain stable in the second quarter of 2011, when compared to the same period last year.

More than half of those polled by the DMA suggested that budgets for direct marketing are likely to remain the same in the third quarter, while 42 per cent anticipate an overall increase in spending.

"For several quarters now - ever since the recession of 2008-09 gave way to a slow economic recovery - US marketers have been consistent in reporting a sense of optimism about their prospects for robust future growth," said Jonathan Margulies, a vice-president at Winterberry Group.

Specialist marketing firm Accurate Leads agrees that direct marketing is still relevant, pointing to the fact that search giant Google still uses it.

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