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Direct marketing professionals 'require new plan'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct marketing professionals are finding they are not able to do what they have been trained for because of restricted budgets, it has been claimed.

According to, most marketers graduate or leave their training with a wide knowledge of best practice to promote a company and help it succeed, but it can be difficult for professionals to justify spending on promotions in the downturn.

Rainer Calandri, chief executive of the organisation, commented: "We want to help business professionals put forward a narrative that explains why they need to stay the course with their advertising budgets - specifically their direct mail budgets - even in an economic storm."

The group went on to say that planning goals and objectives that are measurable at the beginning of direct marketing campaigns and carefully monitoring outcomes can make it easy to measure results against initial investment.

Earlier this week, Email Insider reported that the direct marketing industry is currently being affected by a shift away from mailing and towards social media.