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Direct marketing 'puts small firms at advantage'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail marketing has a number of advantages for small businesses over other advertising techniques, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Caller-Times, small business adviser Ralph Coker stated that the method helps to build relationships with customers, is proactive and sends a targeted message.

He added: "There are several key steps in successful direct mail marketing. The backbone of an effective direct mailing is the list. The best list is the one you compile yourself from existing customers and prospects."

Mr Coker went on to say that different sales offers work better for different target audiences and recommended trying several small test mailings with different offers, calls to action and deadlines, then comparing the response rates before undertaking a large mailing.

Last week, analyst Research and Markets commented that US-based companies are continuing to pour funds into direct marketing, as firms are finding the technique can produce measurable sales returns in the difficult economic climate.