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Direct marketing sector shows rebound

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct marketers have proved that they are intending to rebound hard in the new year with high levels of recruitment this winter, according to new research.

In addition, hiring freezes were found to be in decline, with only 26 per cent of the companies surveyed stating that they planned a hiring freeze this quarter, according to Bernhart Associates' latest Quarterly Digital and Direct Marketing Employment Report.

This represents a substantial decrease from the 45 per cent of firms who implemented hiring freezes during the fourth quarter of last year.

In addition, none of the respondents reported any planned lay-offs and 46 per cent indicated that they planned to hire more staff during this quarter.

This follows a series of reports issued towards the end of last year which showed that direct marketing, in particular direct mail, did not suffer as severely from the recession as analysts had previously predicted.

A resurgence of direct mail is expected to follow this year, following the industry's consolidation during the economic downturn.