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Direct marketing success 'must be measurable'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct marketing must produce measurable results if this approach is to be deemed as effective, an organization asserts. emphasizes the importance of finding hard facts about the success of these initiatives, which could include figures for deliverability, and avoiding more woolly definitions that do not translate into usable statistics.

Among the metrics that the website advises measuring are both changes in sales volumes and the overall profit obtained, with these being connected to the success of direct marketing initiatives.

It highlights the fact that this form of advertising has to produce real results and recommends that these are not demonstrated in vague terms such as raising "brand awareness".

Companies looking to roll out a program of this sort should also ensure that costings are accurate, as no matter how successful it is the direct marketing campaign needs to be paid for.

"You could go broke if your plan hasn't been worked out correctly," the website warns.

Recent research by Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, advises the casino industry to deploy customer relationship management tools in order to target its direct marketing initiatives.