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Direct marketing will 'increase in importance'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New sources of data and insight mean that US marketers will continue to shift towards direct marketing in the coming years, a new report has found.

Dunnhumby UK has claimed that the increasing number amount of information collected by companies will make marketing professionals more accountable than ever before.

Martin Hayward, author and former director of strategy and futures at the firm, added that new data insight has transformed the timescale and analysis of marketing communications "to the extent that in reality, all marketing is becoming direct marketing".

"Direct marketing has always been seen as the rather unglamorous tactical cousin of the real business of marketing, but the reality today is that all marketers will now need to embrace the targeting, measurement and rapid response skills pioneered in this discipline," the expert added.

In addition, Mr Hayward said that the shift could culminate in marketing budgets being reduced as businesses improve their efficiency and cut down on waste.

Posted by Richard Jones