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Direct marketing 'will require combination of strategies'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The direct marketing industry is currently being affected by a shift away from mailing and towards social media, it has been claimed.

Writing for Email Insider, Chad White stated that catalog and direct mail departments are getting smaller, while email marketing teams are growing.

He went on to stress that taking a direct marketing approach to the use of social media is unlikely to be effective, as the success of a direct mail campaign is determined by a different set of metrics than those for an online campaign.

Mr White added that newer techniques are likely to be combined with traditional direct mail methods in order to achieve the best results.

"As companies get more experience with social media, the channel becomes more mature and marketing budgets rebound during the recovery, I wouldn't be surprised to see more companies taking a cross-departmental approach," he stated.

Last week, business adviser Ralph Coker wrote for the Caller-Times that direct mail marketing has a number of advantages for smaller firms over other advertising techniques.