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Disaster recovery plans need accurate information

Paul Newman Archive
Hurricane Sandy made decision-makers around the United States much more aware of the possibility of losing sensitive information in the event of a natural disaster. To mitigate risk, companies need to ensure they implement advanced data management programs and disaster recovery plans that can restore records in a timely fashion without impairing data quality.

A recent report by Acronis noted that planning ahead and testing projects is the only way to ensure confidential resources can be recovered in the wake of a disaster.

"There's no question that today's world cannot function without the data we create every day," said Blaine Raddon of Acronis. "Without our data, we cannot operate - at least not in the way we are accustomed."

A separate report by Information Management said most disaster recovery programs are inherently challenging to tackle, but the effort will be in vain if the data restored is inaccurate. Decision-makers need to be sure they are able to recover high-quality resources in the wake of an emergency if they want to continue operating at an efficient pace and remain competitive in today's private sector.