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Discounts benefitting companies' Facebook presence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Discounts can be an effective strategy for companies looking to build an online social media presence, it has been suggested.

Research from The E-tailing Group found that the prospect of a discount or deal drives 63 per cent of consumers to 'like' the retailer's official Facebook page.

While a discount is the most persuasive factor, 55 per cent said they would like the retailer's page if they "shared a specific appearance," while 51 per cent pointed to taking part in sweepstakes or a poll.

As well as an improved brand image for the company, there are benefits for the consumer in interacting with retailers in this way, according to Lauren Freedman, president of the research and consulting firm The E-tailing Group.

"I'm not sure shoppers have thought through the value of this and don't realize the ease of shopping that may result from Facebook-enabled personalization," she explained.

Analysts at Gartner claim that use of social media and apps will generate 50 per cent of web sales by 2015.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler