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Discussing Ecommerce trends at eTail East

In the world of Ecommerce, customer loyalty has never been more important. There are so many different options for a consumer when it comes to buying a product that price generally becomes the deciding factor. If you aren’t effectively building trust and maintaining a great brand reputation, you would want to make sure you have the most competitive prices. A little trust and a great reputation, however, can go a long way. It is crucial for Ecommerce companies to know their customers and drive the absolute best customer experience possible. Having the opportunity to discuss marketing strategies at eTail East this week, I learned some of the trends, challenges, and strategies many Ecommerce organizations are facing in 2017. It was exciting to hear how closely Experian can align with your mission to acquire and retain your best customers online.

The market leader, Amazon, has changed the way we shop. They are presenting each consumer with relevant products at every turn and tailor the web experience to what we want, providing options to order as quickly as possible with no additional shipping costs for Amazon Prime members. They have built a strategy that has made them the 800-pound gorilla in the market.
While acquiring the machine learning architecture of Amazon can be a daunting and expensive task, you can still develop a competitive strategy. You do this through understanding who your buyer is, how they like to be communicated with, and how to personalize messaging based on their lifestyle. Having this understanding is becoming the one of the leading ways to win in the marketplace and maintain brand loyalty.

Enter Experian. We are helping Ecommerce and retail organizations become forward-leaning trailblazers in loyalty strategy. Experian is helping establish strong baselines of accurate consumer data and then helping businesses holistically manage that data to make it fit for purpose. We also help organizations drive pre-qualification projects that help provide lines of credit for their customers quickly and efficiently. Lastly we are leveraging the Experian Consumerview file to provide the most accurate demographic and psychographic information in the market today. This all helps retailers acquire and retain business. I challenge anyone to find a more well-rounded and qualified data partner.

So as we strategized at the Sheraton Boston for eTail East, we found businesses were refreshed by our range of capabilities and recognize we are more than just another data vendor. We are a strategic partner and thought leader with a breadth of available resources.

We are eager to help, we are excited to partner, and we would like to hear what your business is doing to innovate the way you acquire and keep your very best clients.
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