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DMA highlights reform 'problems'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has joined with 21 other trade organizations to urge Congress not to remove crucial and longstanding safeguards on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s regulatory and enforcement powers.

These safeguards would be changed under a clause in the new Wall Street reform and consumer protection act.

The group claimed that the regulations were placed on the FTC by the House of Representatives after they pursued actions that superseded their authority.

In the letter, the group argued that "there has been remarkably little debate on the consequences of reversing the considered decisions of two earlier Congresses. In particular, there has been no opportunity for affected industries to appear at a hearing to present their concerns about the potential effect of these provisions on American commerce and our economic future".

It added: "A proposal for Congress to delegate such sweeping new regulatory authority deserves more thorough deliberation."

The regulations in question were imposed in previous Congresses in 1975 and 1980.