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Docks 'must coordinate 911 address info'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Dock owners will have to register the 911 address of the land they are situated adjacent to from next year in order to help emergency staff deal with situations on the water.

As a result, docks will need to display a 911 address on the lakeside in the area most visible from the channel or cove, according to the Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal.

Writing for the news provider, Nancy Hogland stated that the AmerenUE Shoreline Management Plan makes it the law for 911 address information to be displayed clearly along with the dock permit number.

She added: "In the case of any emergency on the water, a fast response time is absolutely key to a successful outcome and can make the difference between a simple bad day and a tragedy."

Earlier this week, NewsWest 9 reported comments by Joyce Britcher, director of communications at Midland 911 Services, that despite the installation of a new address verification system in the department, it is never possible to ensure 100 per cent accuracy when responding to emergency calls.