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Don't be a last minute holiday marketer

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. Consumers are already dreaming of getting holiday emails from their favorite brands or businesses with deals, promotions and gift ideas neatly wrapped inside. But as a marketer, you’re more worried about making sure that those messages get delivered without any hiccups. Yesterday, Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services, and Shirley Zhao, Content Marketer at Experian Data Quality presented a webinar, “Don’t be a last minute holiday marketer.” They covered off the top email collection challenges, consequences of bad emails to your business, leveraging verification and deliverability techniques, and discussed how to prepare for holiday success.

Some key points discussed during the webinar:

On average, U.S. companies are using 4 channels to collect contact data  Shirley discussed how 73 percent of companies use their website to collect data. The other most common channels for collecting data are the sales team, mobile, and call centers. While it is beneficial to collect as much information on your customers as possible, the more channels that are used, the more room there is left for error.

Deliverability can be simple – “If you can’t reach your customers’ inbox which is what deliverability is all about, then whats the point of sending a marketing program?” Spencer explained that deliverability is not a black art or a dark science, but the exact opposite. He discussed the four simple things that affect email deliverability, including unknown users, spamtraps, complains and engagement.

It’s all about brand management – Spencer used the old saying, “If people are happy with you, they’ll tell one friend. If they’re not happy with you, they’ll go on Facebook and tell everybody.” It’s really important to think about that how you are collecting data from customers as well as when you’re communicating with them. Understanding your customer is necessary part of email deliverability – how do they want to hear from you? How often? What is their preferred channel? These are all things to consider when using email as a communication method.

The four main consequences of bad emails – In addition to having poor deliverability, lost opportunity, providing a poor brand or business experience, and bad data quality are the four major consequences of sending bad emails. Shirley explained how these are all are interconnected and one can very quickly lead to another or two.

Three tips to prepare for the holidays 

  1. Organize the chaos
  2. Lessen the POS stress through verification
  3. Focus on deliverability

If you'd like to learn more, check out the slide deck below!

For more information on improving the deliverability and quality of the email addresses you collect and have, check out our email verification solutions.