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Don't let perceptions derail data quality efforts

Paul Newman Archive

Analysts in the current business environment must ensure the information they're using is accurate and complete, or the end results will suffer. However, some users might be blind to the fact that they're using poor data quality in their efforts because of their perceptions, according to Information Management. While it seems like it should be simple enough to determine if the information in databases is accurate and complete, companies' expectations can cloud their experiences.

In one example of this, Information Management explains that a room full of study participants said they had a superior viewing experience because they were watching a high-definition television, but the shows were actually displayed in standard definition. 

"The expectation of seeing a better quality image led them to believe they had. Recent research shows about 18 percent of people who own high-definition televisions are still watching standard-definition programming on the set, but think they are getting a better picture," states author David McRaney?? in an article for Lifehacker, which also outlined the research. 

The same effect can happen to data users, Information Management asserts. If they believe they are using great quality content, they might perceive the outcomes are stellar. On the other hand, a negative perspective may lead them to mistakenly think their successful efforts are falling flat.