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Don't risk substance for style in e-commerce

Rachel Wheeler Archive
It is easy for web retailers building e-commerce sites to get caught up in style at the expense of substance, it is suggested.

According to Stefan Boyle, founder of Print Republic, he is often approached by clients who have beautiful websites but lack a decent sales conversion rate.

While a clean, fresh-looking website has value, it is more important to have strong headlines and things that will capture people's imagination and hold their interest.

"It's not enough to say 'I've got to have a website because everyone else does' - it's about what you want from it and ultimately you want leads into your business," he concluded.

Mr Boyle also recently suggested that a good mobile site is advisable for any e-commerce solution.

This is due to the fact that use of smartphones and tablet devices is booming, and pages with content specifically designed for these products are more attractive to people using them.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler