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E-commerce boosted by the recession

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The current economic climate has encouraged a growing number of retailers to sell via the web, it has been suggested.

Writing for Retail Solutions Online, Richard Angelo, director of product marketing at Jesta IS Inc, has claimed that the rise of e-commerce has been bolstered by an increase in the number of consumers hunting for a bargain.

"Some manufacturers today are choosing e-commerce to sell directly to the consumer in order to increase market share and add profitability to their lines," said Mr Angelo.

In addition, the expert cited statistics collated by Forrester Research which suggest that online sales are going to make up 12 per cent of the total retail market by 2012, up from just six per cent currently.

Meanwhile, businesses looking to utilize e-commerce have been told that they need to embrace search engine optimisation (SEO) practices.

According to the dropshipaccess blog, without effective SEO visitors will not be able to find a companies' website and sales will inevitably suffer.

Posted by Paul Newman