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E-commerce can help businesses 'go global'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Internet trading has helped a number of small to medium-sized companies lower their costs and become more accessible to potential customers.

Writing for, Carole White, business support manager at TEDCO, has claimed that an increasing number of organizations are now taking advantage of e-commerce.

Utilizing the online platform enables companies to go global as well as helping to strengthen relationships and improve efficiency with suppliers and partners, Ms White said.

"The internet is a powerful tool in communications and in the light of the recession, its low costs and high-impact potential make it an ideal option for businesses large and small," she added.

Ms White explained that the nature of e-commerce means that businesses may be required to change the way in which they "interact with customers" so as to ensure that service and satisfaction levels remain high.

An article by Boosh News suggested that businesses could achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and service by utilizing tools such as address verification software.

Posted by Richard Jones