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E-commerce growth is 'vital' for mid-sized enterprises

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The majority of mid-sized merchants view e-commerce growth as being very important to the success of their business within the next three years, a new survey has found.

E-commerce platform provider Art Technology Group Inc found that 80 per cent of businesses questioned view the online medium as vital to developing the services offered to customers.

However, while e-commerce is clearly viewed as important, just 40 per cent of merchants currently believe that their online shopping experience maximizes revenue potential.

The study, which took the views of 60 company executives, found that to improve web sales performance and customer service 53 per cent are planning to try out emerging sales channels including mobile and social commerce.

Meanwhile, 33 per cent said that they are going to replace their existing e-commerce platforms, as they have little confidence in the current applications.

Forbes columnist Patricia Nakache recently claimed that innovation was the driving force behind e-commerce growth over the last decade.

Posted by Richard Jones