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E-commerce is helping to 'save the planet'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Demand for online retail sites could be set to rise after two influential firms claimed that e-commerce is a way to help fight climate change.

According to the Green Biz blog, both eBay and carbon footprint consulting firm Cooler have backed the statement.

"By minimizing infrastructure, reducing the need for warehousing, and maximizing transportation efficiency, small online retailers have created a climate-friendly way to buy and sell," the news provider quotes eBay as saying in a report.

"All-electronic, with no need for everything from mannequins to signage to giant rooftop air conditioning units, they have dematerialized considerable parts of the retail process."

Indeed, without the need for stores e-commerce retailers are helping to save the planet through avoiding the carbon cost of making bricks and cement and sidestepping heating and lighting charges.

The news is another boost to the sector and comes after the latest MyBuys e-commerce Wellness Index revealed that revenue from full priced items increased by 28 per cent in August.

Posted by Richard Jones