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E-commerce must keep apace of 'changing technologies'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Online marketers must ensure that their websites keep apace of ever-changing technologies and techniques, it has been claimed.

According to, consumers now expect more and more out of the e-commerce sites where they shop.

"As e-commerce continues to evolve at a record pace, websites must keep up with the ever-changing demands of increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated online shoppers," the article notes.

Indeed, businesses are advised to enhance their online presence by applying "modern techniques and technologies" to their offerings.

The news provider cites dynamic personalization, social shopping, mobile sites and location-based tie-ins as examples of the methods employed by more successful online retailers.

It could lead to an increase in the number of organizations looking to take advantage of address verification software, to reduce costly errors made at the point of data entry.

Writing for TMCnet, David Sims explained that businesses not utilizing address correction software can run the risk of storing invalid information.

The expert cited a recent study conducted by Forrester which suggests that batch address cleansing software can be extremely valuable to organizations.

Posted by Richard Jones.