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E-commerce retailers need to take advantage of 'lucrative overseas markets'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers must do more to ensure that they are catering for the potentially profitable overseas market, it has been suggested.

According to Snow Valley's International Delivery Report, many retailers are failing to offer adequate overseas delivery options, while many that do are experiencing problems surrounding delivery information, charges and timescales.

Summarizing the findings, the blog recommends that organizations first need to realize the potential for international e-commerce before offering cross-border delivery.

''Retailers also need to provide an excellent service for overseas customers, and this starts with giving them accurate information on where they deliver to, and how much it will cost,'' the blog added.

Indeed, this view has been echoed by industry commentator Carole White.

Writing for, she explained that internet trading has helped a number of small to medium-sized companies lower their costs and become more accessible to potential customers.

Utilizing the online platform enables companies to go global as well as helping to strengthen relationships and improve efficiency with suppliers and partners, Ms White said.

Posted by Richard Jones