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E-commerce sector is 'in a strong position'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The e-commerce sector continued to grow during July, with revenue from full price items up 11 per cent compared to a year previous, new research has shown.

According to the latest MyBuys e-commerce Wellness Index, which measures the health of the online market as well as tracking trends among retailers, suggests that the industry is in a strong position.

"There has been a continuing trend in 2010 that highlights retailers' moves to reduce the promotion levels from extremely high 2009 promotion amounts," said Robert Cell, chief executive officer of MyBuys.

"Retailers continue to improve their bottom lines versus last year by implementing revenue creation strategies that are less promotion centric and we are excited to see continued improvements in the health of the sector throughout the rest of 2010."

Meanwhile, the research is in line with the latest SpendingPulse report from MasterCard Advisors.

It reported that the e-commerce sector enjoyed double digit growth in July, increasing 10.9 per cent year-on-year in contrast to June.

Posted by Paul Newman