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E-commerce sites help 'better serve the needs of consumers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A plethora of e-commerce websites have made it easier for consumers to compare prices on their home computers, it has been claimed.

This is according to Sarah Cordey, a spokesperson for the BRC, who noted that because the vast majority of high street retailers now boast an online presence, the e-commerce market has posted 'massive' growth.

She added that organizations are increasingly looking to use their online presence as a complement to their high street stores "working together as one business".

"What we're increasingly seeing is both stores and consumers making use of both online services and high street services," Ms Cordey said.

"Online information makes it easier for consumers, for example, to compare prices, but some shoppers will still then choose to go into a store to make their purchase in person and speak to a sales assistant."

It follows recent comments from which suggested that online retailers are able to offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative to their high street counterparts, it has been claimed.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler