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E-mail campaigns can drive e-commerce sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers looking to drive sales on their e-commerce platform may want to consider running an e-mail marketing campaign, it has been suggested.

The news could lead to an increase in the number of people looking to utilize e-mail address verification tools to prevent mistakes happening.

According to an article by Zdnet Asia, new research shows that the online platform helps to generate more sales that social networking sites.

A poll by Econsultancy found that 36 per cent of shoppers were influenced to buy a product online as a result of e-mail marketing - compared to a small number who said the same about social network advertising.

However, industry analyst Claus Mortensen told the news provider that both mediums were effective in their own way.

"An e-mail campaign is usually meant to generate sales directly whereas social media marketing is, or at least should be, more about influencing public sentiment and building loyalty around your brand or product," he explained.

Posted by Richard Jones