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E-retailers can utilize address verification tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address verification solutions could be the answer to e-retailers marketing problems, it has been suggested.

Many online businesses are struggling to implement customized one-to-one email marketing campaigns as a result of poor response rates among consumers, TCMNet reports.

The news provider cites a recent study from Return Path which found that the majority of email marketers' efforts were met with unrecognized failure.

Return Path looked at the efforts of 40 online retailers over a 19-month period.

The organization noted that 27 per cent of companies stopped sending emails to non-responsive subscribers, while others stopped sending email without attempting to re-engage the customer.

"We were certainly surprised to see how these e-retailers were sending emails to a customer who was completely non-responsive," said Stephanie Colleton, director of professional services at Return Path.

Indeed, only 12.5 per cent of the companies sent out messages which were designed to re-engage subscribers and drive sales.

Meanwhile, an earlier article from the news provider suggested that address verification needs to take place at the point of data capture as this will prevent incorrect information being stored by organizations.

Posted by Richard Jones