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E-retailers encouraged to improve websites

Rachel Wheeler Archive
E-retailers looking to improve the service which they offer to their customers must ensure that their websites are "crystal clear".

That is according to Clodagh Murphy, the director of internet services company Eclipse, who said that it was important to ensure that a customer does not have any fear or uncertainty while making a transaction.

Indeed, the expert added that having a bad experience online will result in customers boycotting future transactions from a business.

According to Ms Murphy, simple touches like making sure a telephone number is visible and providing after-sale service are important for a successful e-commerce site.

"Making your telephone number really obvious is important. If a customer gets to a certain point when they want to pick up the phone then it is there for them," she said.

"There is nothing worse than a customer getting to a point where they need to talk to you and not being able to find a telephone number."

Posted by Paul Newman