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E-retailers must focus on their customers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers must ensure that they focus on meeting their customers' needs to improve visitors' web experience.

According to the latest iPerceptions Retail and E-Commerce Industry Report for Q2 2010, nearly a trillion dollars worth of offline sales were influenced by online research.

However, despite the number of online shoppers rising, many e-retailers are still failing to convert visits to their website into sales.

The reports lists the main reasons for failed task completion as being an inability to find products, lack of stock, insufficient product information and high prices.

"The increase in shoppers and buyers is to be expected given the continuous shift to online and relative strengthening of the economy," said Claude Guay, president and CEO of iPerceptions.

"As online and offline sales increase, website owners need to reduce the number of visitors who are unable to find what they are looking for by simplifying site navigation and improving search capabilities."

Posted by Paul Newman