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E-Verify will be detrimental to farmers, claims US Representative

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US Representative Rick Larsen has confirmed that he will vote against a system intended to verify the data quality of information supplied to employers of immigrants.

The E-Verify system is intended to detect forgeries during immigration status checks, which are essential for ensuring organizations comply with the law and do not end up employing immigrants.

Mr Larsen, an Everett Democrat, is concerned that the new requirement for an electronic verification system will be detrimental for farmers, who employ lots of immigrants to pick produce.

According to KGMI News, Mr Larsen told farmers in Whatcom County that the new bill does not solve the current immigration problems.

He added: "E-Verify is going to drive workers underground, and they're not going to be able to find people to work in agriculture.

"And the next thing will be - after the workers are gone - that the farms are gone, and the people of Whatcom County don’t want that and the farmers don’t want that either."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler