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Easy is more important than exceptional

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Retail customer loyalty can been enhanced by making people's shopping experience easier rather than offering exceptional service, it has been claimed.

Debra Ellis, the founder of Wilson & Ellis Consulting, which specializes in improving customer acquisition and retention using marketing, analytics, service, and strategic planning, said that making a shopping experience easy has a much greater impact on future purchases than providing top-notch service, reported.

However, poor service does alienate customers, she warned, with those having to put a large amount of effort into resolving a problem proven to be least loyal.

"Remember that what works for your competition may not work for your business. Asking your customers for their input may help the process, but always verify their input with analysis," Ms Ellis told the source.

Recently, Manthan Systems, the leading provider of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions, suggested that the use of mobile apps can increase retail customer loyalty by preventing users moving on to more advanced companies, according to Digital Journal.

Posted by Paul Newton