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eBay CEO salutes the power of mobile

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The growing smartphones market is a game-changer for online retailers, a leading industry figure has suggested.

President and chief executive officer of eBay John Donahoe told the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco that the development of the smartphone has "blurred the lines" between retail, e-commerce and m-commerce.

Mr Donahoe goes on to explain that consumers no longer differentiate between the different sectors, they see them as one.

It is therefore vital that businesses see them in the same way and ensure their websites are optimized for mobile.

"The mobile phone blurring the line between online and offline commerce has profound implications for retailers and merchants around the world," Mr Donahoe added.

In order to help retailers with this shift, eBay has launched its X.commerce platform. It is designed to help online merchants become part of the mobile payment network, rather than have to compete with them.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler