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Eco-friendly data centers are 'cost effective'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses should be able to implement cost-effective and eco-friendly data centers, it has been revealed.

Writing for the Computing website, Redstone Converged Solutions' technical account director Roddy Adams has claimed that the environmental and financial aims of organizations can complement each other.

According to Mr Adams, by adopting a green approach to databases, businesses are looking to achieve greater cooling efficiency - something that would be beneficial across a business.

"By converging cost cutting and green strategies, adopting effective data center design alongside virtualization and refining the existing environment, data center managers can reap significant ROI and make a greener impact on the environment too," he told the news provider.

Earlier this year, Greenpeace called on large technological organizations to use renewable energy sources to power their data centers.

The campaigning charity claimed that the increasing amount of data stored by businesses would have a negative impact on the environment.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler