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eCommerce technology is 'frustratingly slow'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses embracing eCommerce technology have work to do to improve their delivery systems, if fresh research is anything to go by.

A new survey, conducted by The Co-operative Electrical on behalf of the Guardian, found that the number one complaint of online shoppers is slow delivery.

Of the 3,000 people polled, 90 per cent claimed to be frustrated by the failure of many businesses to specify a delivery slot following a purchase.

Many also claimed to be unhappy about having to take time off work to wait for items to arrive.

However, those polled also enjoyed using eCommerce technology for a number of reasons, including making fuel savings, the potential difficulty a customer may have in carrying a product home and the lower prices online.

Recent research from Forrester also revealed that most customers are now choosing to shop online on their tablets rather than on smartphones because of the ease of use and catalogue-like feel of tablets.

Posted by Paul Newton