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Economic climate 'presents new threat to data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Corrosion of employee-employer loyalties in the economic climate is increasing the threat to companies' data quality, it has been revealed.

According to data security specialist Imperva, database management that is divorced from the server so it cannot be disabled is becoming more important due to this new threat.

The group went on to cite the recent example of a former IT director for a non-profit organ and tissue donation center, who pleaded guilty breaking into the organization's computer network and deleted database records, address data and accounting software.

"The current economic recession is straining employee-employer loyalties and raising the threat that insiders may abuse their data access privileges," the organization added.

Earlier this week, IT industry analyst Burton Group claimed that US enterprises are seeing increasing success when it comes to data loss prevention.

The group added that the increased success is due to new stringent compliance guidelines that ensure those who do not comply with breach disclosure requirements face effective penalties.