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Economic uncertainty makes data quality 'vital'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The current economic climate means that the need for companies to possess accurate and up to date information is more important than ever.

Research and Markets has suggested that data quality and master data management projects should remain at the forefront of an organization's IT investments.

Indeed, a recent report from the research body argues against cutting funding to such initiatives.

"A rigorous data quality program is now a business imperative rather than a luxury," the report claims.

"Implemented correctly, it not only gives organizations the agility to better ride out the current recession but also raises their competitiveness when the economy recovers."

Meanwhile, Ian Huckle, chief executive officer of international consultancy Business and Decision, believes that data quality is vital if organizations want to make "confident and consistent" business decisions.

As such, the expert argues that an increasing number of companies are now paying more attention to implementing schemes which are designed to improve their data quality processes.

Posted by Richard Jones