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EDM can be a 'useful tool' for businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Despite its primary use within financial organizations, enterprise data management (EDM) can be a useful tool in other sectors.

According to industry commentator Rick Sherman, the long-term benefits of the tool are starting to be recognized by a variety of business groups.

"Finance is where EDM has made the biggest inroads and the biggest impact so far," Mr Sherman noted on his Smart Data Collective blog.

However, the expert revealed that, while the finance function is generally considered to be the groundbreaker, there are many opportunities for EDM to help an enterprise beyond it.

"This data-integration service transforms cost fundamentals for IT investments, as well as accelerates deployment once in place. It becomes the data-integration 'plug and play' that enables business people to tap into their data when needed," he added.

Meanwhile, Michelle Eichner, vice-president of product management at Unica, recently claimed that the introduction of new "behavioural data points" means that data collection is now more complicated than ever.