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Education data quality in focus

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Information reserves aren't just important in businesses. Other types of organizations, like educational institutions, have reserves of facts and figures that could assist with decisions going forward. That means they have to deal with the same data quality issues present in other fields. Education Week recently explained the process of improving and using this information.

The sourcenoted reported that a recent report by the Data Quality Campaign found creating data storage systems has been relatively successful among K-12 schools. The actual usage and management of that information is the next task on educators' agendas, and it is likely to be harder.

According to the news provider, the report's authors were especially impressed by the steps taken in Kentucky to establish a strong information management and usage system. This development took the form of official requirements governing data collection, with a special focus on making figures usable by educators.

Many types of organizations outside the business world have data management stipulations. According to Advance, following them is vital in healthcare. The source noted that the American Health Information Management Association's recent industry conference included several experts offering opinions on data quality. These insiders noted that the rising profile of data use in healthcare has made information management more important than ever in the field.