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Education marketers constantly 'in demand'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing professionals working within the US education sector are increasingly finding that they are required to promote their messages all-year round.

This is according to a report by DM News, which suggests that industry professionals no longer have time for an off-season.

The news provider noted that marketers are communicating on a regular basis with parents and students to acquire and retain customers, with many utilizing a mix of traditional, email and social media.

"Schools, including learning centers for children, are combining direct mail and electronic methods to engage consumers in addition to the enrollment period and keep parents up to date about their child's progress," it said.

Stacy DeWalt, chief marketing officer at Learning Care Group, told the news provider that the need to keep parents constantly up to date was driving demand for marketing services.

"The educational needs of families have changed and the socioeconomic needs of families have changed, so finding the right channel to communicate … has made direct marketing a greater part of our acquisition strategy," she added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler