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Education Secretary Arne Duncan stresses value of data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US education secretary Arne Duncan has highlighted the importance of data quality and integrity in testing in a letter to state superintendents.

He reportedly wrote the letter following fresh revelations that two state schools have cheated on School Assessments, insisting that the accuracy of data collected from the tests is essential to federal funding and programming.

"I urge you to make assessment security a high priority by reviewing and, if necessary, strengthening your efforts to protect assessment and accountability data, ensure the quality of those data, and enforce test security," Mr Duncan wrote to all state superintendents.

As part of the efforts to increase data quality, he suggested that schools conduct risk analysis to implement test security, as well as conducting unannounced on-site visits during test administration to review for compliance.

Recently, Suvendu Dataa, a data warehouse team leader with a large insurance company, told Search Data Management that organizations need to take a more proactive approach to data quality.

Posted by Paul Newton