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Effective data management 'important during recession'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses must ensure they carry out effective data management in order to develop relationships and build loyalty with customers, it has been claimed.

Writing for Marketing Weekly, Joe Fernandez said the impact of the recession has prompted many consumers to become more savvy with their spending.

This means marketers must work harder than ever to maintain business, making data quality and customer relationship management an important consideration.

Mr Fernandez wrote: "The challenge [firms] face is ensuring they use data correctly and in an effective manner to steer the customer back into their welcoming arms."

He claimed that understanding, targeting and interacting with consumers has therefore become crucial to the success of any marketing attempts.

Only those businesses that take on board the needs and preferences of their customers are likely to be able to attract new clients and build trust and loyalty, Mr Fernandez added.

His advice comes after Don Van Doren, writing for Unified Communications Strategies, made similar comments on the importance of CRM to companies.

He suggested that the difficult economic climate means businesses are increasingly looking to find ways of improving their customer experience.