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Effective governance makes records management more efficient

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data governance processes are essential in order to make records management systems more efficient and turn data into a business asset.

Kelle O'Neal, founder and managing partner of First San Francisco Partners, a governance and data management specialist, told that the complexity of records management systems has increased steadily in recent years.

This has led to unsynchronized and conflicting information, making data quality poor and impacting the level of user trust.

"Without consistent, accurate and reliable enterprise data, an organization can make inaccurate, misleading and incomplete decisions that may have a lasting effect on performance and results," Ms O'Neal warned.

In order to improve records management, she insisted that certain individuals need to be in charge of quality, governance and compliance.

Recent research by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Oracle, found that 66 per cent of organizations are concerned about their ability to gain intelligence from their data asset.

Posted by Paul Newton