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EHR data quality often under question

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Studies have shown that data quality associated with electronic health records is often not where it needs to be. According to a report by Healthcare IT News, there are several reasons why EHR data inaccuracies can crop up, including simply mistyping information. While reducing miskey errors should be a priority for any healthcare facility, 100 percent accuracy is not a realistic target.

Another common problem is miscommunication with or bad information gathered from the patient, which can include individuals not informing physicians of any allergies or lying about their weight, Healthcare IT News said. Since this inaccuracy is common, many EHRs have allergies highlighted at the top of the screen.

Latency of data is another problem that many healthcare facilities encounter. If an organization relies on another company to transmit information and it is delayed, the decision-making process can be skewed in a number of ways that corrupt data quality and operations, the news source reported.

However, EHRs can sometimes have the capability to improve data quality, as well. According to FierceEMR, EHRs allow patients double-check their physicians' work, ensuring all information is accurate.